Photo Archives

This page is mostly for me, to be able to reflect on my past and how I've grown as a photographer and as an individual. However I have made it public for anyone who might want to see my life and what I have done throughout they years.

There are 5669 photos on this blog. To show all of them here would just be ridiculous.

At the Eye Again
Dark Tunnel
From the Lambeth Bridge
Purple Flowers
Victoria Tower
Bright Flowers
Golden Flags
Westminster Abbey
West Side
Nelson Mandela
The National Gallery
Thumbs Up
Katherine and the Lion
M&M World
Walking the Walk
Sugar Sugar Sugar!
The Tube of Legos
Concerned Conductor
On Guard
Lego City
Big Ben's Clock
London's Dragon
To Build...
Cradle of Humankind
Homo naledi
Jaw Bone
15+ Individuals
Homo heidelbergensis
Homo Heidelbergensis
Paranthropus Boisei Skull
PPE For Life
Into the Cave We Go!
Uncharted Waters
Low Ceilings
The Tents
Hazy Morning
Baby Yawn
Male White Rhino
A Few Rhinos
Hippo Yawn
Rhino and the Hippo
Through the Trees
Morning Hot Chocolate
Hot Drink
Traffic in Africa
Tower of Giraffes
Tower of Giraffes
Hippo Jaw
White Bird
Elephant Watering Hole
Blue Ocean
Curved Earth
Morning Walk
Middle of the Road
White Lions
Walking the Road
White Rhino
Plains of Africa
Tounge Out
Searching for Food
Katie and the Cheetah
In the Middle of Africa
Rolling Clouds
Above the Trees
On the Ridge
Main Tent
On the Path
Ears Up
Eating the Whole Tree
Swinging Trunk
Elephant Butts
Smiling Elephant
ALong the Road
Thick Clouds
Sleepy Lions
Not So Playful
Young Male
At the End of the Rainbow
Beautiful Rainbow
Mom and Dad Fighting
Strike a Pose
Just a Sniff
Long Stretch
Dining Area
World Rhino Day
Playful Elephants
Morning Walk
In the Wild
In the Grass
Small Fox
Long Neck
Red Eyes
Head On
Flappy Neck Eland
Kudu in the Bushes
Big and Little Bird
Red Aloe Vera
Sanbona Vehicle
Oryx in the Wild
The Kudu and the Oryx
Eating Break
Missing a Chunk
Kudu Remains
Just Eaten